Corology Launches Website Based on Envision's Strategy

Corology is a company that believes self awareness is the key to better performance. Corology has developed the only software that combines 360 feedback with professional coaching for employee development. (We know this because we researched the market.)

Envision has been proud to work alongside the founders and "corologists" of this upstart that really wants to change the way we approach employee development and company culture. Companies that want to disrupt established industries with innovative software are a joy to work with. This is why we were especially excited when they translated our brand strategy into an awesome website.

"Being obsessed with how to transform organizational culture since 2009, especially using software, Corology was a client near and dear to my heart. We root for all our clients. But I am personally rooting for Corology a little more than usual. Melissa and JJ were great to work with because of their vision and passion." - Ed Kang

Now the website is done, Corology will also be kicking off their content marketing and social media strategy. We'll keep you posted on their progress. In the meantime, make sure you check our their shiny new website and contact them if you want to know about making your employees better through self awareness, 360 degree feedback and professional coaching. Learn more at

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