Award-Winning Branding and Marketing Agency Expands Into Calgary Alberta

Calgary, AB - In December 2014, Ed Kang resigned as an executive director of a conglomerate of companies to become a freelancer and join what is being called the "Gig Economy." Over the previous years, he had been developing a business relationship with Liz Zurek Beaudry, president of Envision an award-winning branding and communications agency located in Minnesota. So when Kang, who has an extensive background in marketing and digital media, was available as a contractor, they began to explore the possibilities. As of April, after working on several projects together, he officially signed on as Envision's digital brand strategist. This spearheaded the launch of Envision's new website ( and expansion into the Calgary market.

Ed Kang is also the founder of the MDNA Institute (, which is a non-profit social leadership and business think-tank. MDNA stands for "motivational DNA" and is a framework that combines principles of intrinsic motivation and social DNA for transformation. MDNA starts with a cloud-based assessment (developed by Kang) that identifies each person's gifts delivered.

How Envision and MDNA work together is a differentiator that excites Ed Kang the most. Says Kang, "Liz took the risk of using MDNA during its infancy and applied it to branding. Working together, we realized that not only could we help companies get their customers to love their brands, but their employees to live the brand as well. That's where brand and culture meet. Then when you add my obsession with data and an analytics approach I learned from my experience in Silicon Valley, you get a very interesting set of services to provide for our clients."

Technically, Kang is still a freelancer. But that's an intentional choice based upon the culture and freelance talent Envision wants to attract. The goal is not just a network of talent, but a community that is passionate about doing the best work while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit that creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Kang agrees, "I am really unemployable. I think our entire team is (laughs). We are intrinsically motivated visionaries that don't work for financial incentives. We are driven by doing awesome work with awesome people while being obsessed with results and ROI. We don't punch clocks and create overhead. We have the freedom and choose projects we can be proud of. It's the best of all worlds and the work speaks for itself. Sit with me for a coffee and I will show you."

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