Brand Strategy 

A company’s brand can become the ultimate competitive advantage. For this to occur, every company must have a brand strategy that is clear, focused and differentiated. Clarity and focus create differentiation which equates to sustainable advantage and strong results. 

How to focus to differentiate

So how is differentiation identified? It starts with an organization's DNA or "ethos." Every company possesses a unique DNA and culture. If the company can align its brand strategy to its DNA then something special happens. The differentiation of a brand becomes effortless. Using our proprietary software, MDNA Cloud, Envision helps companies achieve effortless differentiation.

MDNA Cloud

MDNA Cloud is our software that measures culture and employee engagement. Based on the MDNA results, we build your brand around a core idea, manage your marketing execution for results, motivate your employees, and measure workplace culture.  


In addition to the MDNA Cloud assessment, we interview your primary stakeholders (internal and external). Then we go radio silent. During this time, we’re brainstorming and creating a Brand Strategy that will align to your goals, leverage your culture strengths and differentiate you in the marketplace. 


We customize every Brand Strategy based on our client's core ethos, goals and desired results. Typically a Brand Strategy project includes: 

  • MDNA Assessment

  • Interviews

  • Brand Strategy including:

    • Core Brand Culture, the ethos of your brand

    • Positioning and Differentiation

    • One-Word Why

    • Messaging via an Elevator Pitch

    • Execution Plan

    • MDNA Assessment Data

    • Interview Transcripts

    • SEO and Digital Content Analysis

    • Competitor Analysis

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