CASE STUDY: How One Button Increased Web Traffic and Conversions

Sometimes, something as simple as a single button on your website will make all the difference. This was the case for one of our clients that needed a major bump in traffic and conversions. As you can see, there is now an upward trend in traffic. Here is what we did specifically with the home page content.

Take a Visitor's Perspective of Your Site

The first thing we did was ask the client what was the single most important conversion they wanted to drive and measure. In this case, the call-to-action was to phone the company as quick as possible. This meant the user needed to get to the relevant information as quick as possible. The less clicks the better.

Next, we looked at the website from a customer's perspective. Was the information they needed easily accessible as quickly as possible? The answer at the time was no. This is where we put a big button right at the top of the home page below the navigation. The phone number was also added into the navigation of every page.

Although this button and phone number didn't necessarily fit the original design of the site, it was necessary for at least a test, We also began testing different text inside the button. Eventually we found one that seemed to work best. And the phone started ringing.

When Negative Metrics Aren't Necessarily a Bad Thing

You might notice the red metrics of Pages Per Session and Average Session Duration have decreased. For this case, that was perfectly acceptable. The reason being is the customer was able to get to the information much quicker and then pick up the phone. Remember, the ultimate result was how many times the phone rang during the day.

Go ahead and try this with your own website. What is the one action that you want to see your visitors take? Then look at your home page from their perspective and see if your navigation, design and content make it easy for them to take that action.

Feel free to contact us for a complimentary analysis as well. We'll take a look for you and send a free report.