CASE STUDY: Driving More Traffic with Google AdWords

Following is a Google Analytics snapshot of a client we have been working with. Their main source of traffic is Google AdWords. As you can see, over the last 30 days, traffic has significantly increased.

Envision Pay-Per-Click Google Adwords

What Was Done

We set Amy, our Google AdWords certified consultant, loose and these were her initial steps:

  1. Low performing keywords were moved to a different ad group.
  2. Modifiers and new keywords were added to performing ad groups.
  3. Negative keywords were added to eliminate irrelevant searches.
  4. New ads were created to test copy relevant to the above changes.

Next Steps for Continuous Improvement

Outside of continually testing and tweaking what was already done, the next step for this client is to focus on content that will increase the average duration a visitor spends on the site. We can see that visitors are clicking more pages per visit which is positive. Now it is a matter of adjusting the content to be more "sticky." This will then lead to more conversion into desired actions our client wants to see with every visit.

Google does a really great job of explaining how their AdWords platform works. Go ahead and try to implement the changes we made by referencing their information. And don't be afraid to test and keep testing. It takes commitment and patience but anybody can get there.

This is a prime example of how we work with our clients. Once a baseline for success is set, we seek to improve key metrics every month. Let us know if we can help you with the same.