Muhammad Ali Center


Brand Strategy and Messaging, Website, Social Media, Content Marketing, Branded Spaces


The Ali Center, as a non-profit, needed to better leverage the Muhammad Ali brand online. Client also wanted a brand strategy that would bridge the gap between Muhammad Ali the boxer of the past, and the humanitarian celebrity of today.

We first created a new brand strategy that clearly recognized the Core Brand Culture of the Muhammad Ali name. A new website was designed along with a digital identity for the Generation Ali social responsibility brand. We also launched multiple social media platforms to target different demographics that would eventually drive traffic to the Ali Center itself.


The Ali Center's Muhammad Ali page started with 973,424 likes. In the first year, 2012, we added 453,281 likes at the acquisition cost of $0.15 per like. In 2013, our strategy added 1,862,133 additional likes and reduced the cost of acquisition to $0.03 per like. We accomplished this by maximizing trending opportunities such as the 2012 London Olympics and content marketing that included crowd-sourcing. The center's non-profit Muhammad Ali Facebook page was awarded verified status as it outperformed the Muhammad Ali page run by the company that owned commercial rights to the name. Today, the Ali Center continues to execute the strategy and the Facebook page has over 10 million likes.

Envision was recognized for its work on the Ali Center's website with the International Academy of Visual Arts Communicator Award.

“Envision walked our entire organization through a clear and thorough process that has revitalized the identity of the Muhammad Ali Center. They identified our strengths and marketing challenges and developed a well-constructed plan to re-brand the Ali Center. From simple presentation formats to an award winning website design, Envision has helped the Ali Center achieve our goal of increasing awareness and accessibility to the legacy of Muhammad Ali. Envision also developed an effective social media strategy that has enabled us to engage with new and younger audiences in more meaningful ways. Envision has truly helped set the course for the Muhammad Ali Center to inspire the world to Be Great and Do Great Things!” — Mike Guyer-Wood, Chief Mission Advancement Officer

Liz Zurek Beaudry