We Measure Culture.

Transform your entire organization with a well-developed brand culture. Get customers to love your brand and your employees to live it. Using MDNA Cloud, we provide an x-ray of your organization's culture. Then develop a culture plan that will drive marketing ROI.

a Culture X-ray


Our 2-Part MDNA Culture Assessment measures the following three key culture components.

1. Individual MDNA Gifts 

Part one of MDNA Cloud is a personal assessment that identifies how each employee is intrinsically motivated. Each participant receives a personal report with their individual MDNA results including a primary and secondary MDNA Gift. To the left is an example of the report that each employee/team member receives. 

      2. Culture Dimensions

      MDNA Cloud takes data from the individual assessments and provides scores for six primary culture dimensions. 

      1. Innovation.
      2. Productivity.
      3. Change
      4. Knowledge.
      5. Expansion
      6. Community.

      Culture Graph

      The entire organization's culture is visualized into a culture graph. This graph acts as a map to quickly identify assets and opportunities. Think of it like an upfront X-ray or MRI. The data in this graphs tells us: 

      • SDI (Self-Determination Index) - measures how intrinsically motivated employees are in relation to their roles and responsibilities.
      • SEI (Social Engagement Index) - shows how engaged an employee is with their peers.
      • CCI (Confidence in Change Index) - reveals how confident the employee is in terms of change.

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