The Absolute Best Type of Content for Online Marketing

Your resources have not been wasted if you are willing to learn.

First, let's recognize that not all content is created equal. Content that is created just for content's sake is a waste of resources. You cannot generate ROI with your online marketing strategy this way.

Furthermore, all great content fits somewhere along your online marketing funnel. It might be content simply to gain exposure. Or content targeting current customers to increase engagement and retention. This means there are many different types of content based upon your strategy. And there is a lot of advice out there on this, like making your content entertaining, helpful or full of links. We agree with all the above.

So what is the best type of content we recommend for all our clients? It's simple.

The Absolute Best Content Tests an Assumption

Like any scientific experiment that leads to breakthrough, the best content starts with an assumption. This means you have done your research and analysis on the result you are trying to achieve. You have an intentional plan to test your assumptions on what content will actually work. Maybe you see a content gap that your customers are looking for. Maybe you see a problem they don't even know they have yet. Maybe you believe your customers will be happy to share your content through their social channels.

To Validate or Not to Validate?

After you have an assumption, then, using Google Analytics, you can test those assumptions. This starts by ensuring the actual content itself maximizes your chance of validating or invalidating your assumptions. Then you can begin to measure and learn whether or not users are doing what you believe/hope they would.

Now whether your assumption is validated or invalidated it doesn't matter. Obviously it's nice to be validated. But being invalidated is just as valuable because you can now adjust your strategy. You are one step closer to knowing what does work and ROI. Your resources have not been wasted if you are willing to learn.

Have you ever heard the expression, "We know half of our advertising works, we just don't know which half."? This is a horrible approach to generate ROI with your online marketing. Making sure you content is always testing an assumption is the key to long-term success.

So remember, start with an assumption then test it. You will never waste another penny on content marketing if you do.

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