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To create online brand alignment and maximize ROI, look at the following:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Potential customers trust organic search results more than they do paid advertising. Creating the right content with the right keywords, meta data and relevant information is how you get your website to appear in search results. Developing the right content is 80 percent analysis and 20 percent execution, so we use the latest analytics tools to ensure the right audience sees your content.


A backlink is simply an incoming link to your site from another. Backlinks are the number one currency for ranking your site in search engines. However, not all links are equal. Some links might actually be drawing attention to your site for the wrong reason. You may also have no backlinks at all which is why you are not registering in organic search results. 

Link Building and Social Media

With the right content in place, links to that content help you rank higher in search engine results. Links from other sites drive Google because they show that your content is valuable and relevant enough to link to. There are no shortcuts to link building. To refer traffic to you online, you must build relationships online, which is why social media is so important in digital marketing. Getting others to share your content with their social networks drives traffic to you and builds a continuum for future marketing. 


All content boils down to its relevance to specific keywords. It is important to be clear on what keywords your customers are using when searching for your particular product or service. But putting the proper keywords into your website is not enough. This is where content marketing, targeting those keywords, is the most effective way to generate traffic and backlinks. But just like backlinks, not all content is created equal. We will analyze your keywords and send you a report on the most effective content online for the past year based upon user engagement.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Although PPC is not as effective as organic search engine marketing, it is a surefire way to generate immediate traffic. PPC is an incredibly useful tool for testing content and measuring ROI for every dollar you spend. You can also use PPC to identify content gaps in keywords that are not being addressed by competitors. Envision can help you use PPC effectively. 

Brand Strategy

How are you positioned online against your competitors? Are you using the tools above to meet your goals and get results? What messages are you using? What audience do you want to engage? Digital marketing done well is a lot of work. Start with a strategy that will guide your efforts and get you the results you desire.

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