Ahmelie Skistad, Bookkeeping

Ahmelie is a CFO and QuickBooks ProAdvisor and holds a degree in Business Management & Accounting. She brings her number crunching prowess to Envision, along with a strong passion for leveraging technology to maximize efficiency. If it involves payroll, financial statements or reconciling, you will find Ahmelie happily buzzing away at it with a bottomless cup of coffee in hand. It’s not unusual to find her trying out one new app or another on a constant quest to squeeze just a few more minutes of productivity out of each day.

Ahmelie owns Skistad Consulting, an accounting practice that focuses on serving small businesses. When not “balancing the books”, Ahmelie enjoys investing her time at Hillside Church in Mankato, feeding a fabric addiction in her other small sewing and design business, and making sure her husband, Jeff,  doesn’t run out of projects at their West Lake Jefferson home. They love living in MN with their 3 boys and are avid Vikings fans. Skol!

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