Liz Zurek Beaudry, Principal

Liz brings 20 years of creative communications experience to the team. As principal of Envision, she coordinates people, resources and ideas to create brand differentiation for clients that align with their mission and goals. She enjoys seeing the big picture, asking lots of questions and using simply, but strong, differentiated messaging and design to solve problems.

Trustworthiness is something clients quickly sense about Liz. This quality lends strength to her background in the liberal arts, brand management and visual appeal. Liz enjoys music, all things design, running, photography and fashion. To see more of her own design and space-related projects, visit her Instagram account

When not running a business or working on her own design projects, her passion is to see all kids have a forever family and is actively involved in adoption and orphan care as a board member of the Adoption Medicine Clinic at the University of Minnesota.

She lives in the Minneapolis area with her husband, Jeff and two boys.

Strategic Partners


Mark Foster, Chief Strategist

Mark has been a marketing and communications advisor for Fortune 500 companies and other organizations for several decades.  He guides projects for a variety of national and international clients in the financial, manufacturing, energy, retail and health care industries. Mark has also served in senior-level positions in large corporations, including Wells Fargo & Co., TCF Financial Corporation, AEGON/Transamerica and Portico Benefit Services. Envision works with Mark and his firm on major strategic initiatives.

He loves photography and international travel. Mark and his wife live in Lakeville, MN.


Ed Kang, Brand Strategist

As a researcher, thinker and key developer of Envision’s process around brand and culture, Ed is committed to helping companies thrive. Ed has worked with a multitude of industries from dot coms to nonprofits and B2B businesses. His work hits the mark because he knows how to identify and leverage principles and patterns that drive growth. 

Ed’s work has won several awards and various industry accolades. He is the creator and founder of MDNA Cloud and stays active in MDNA’s development since Envision has acquired the software and IP. Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Ed works with clients across North America and continues to execute Envision's brand strategy work for clients.


Catie Knudson, Designer

Catie enjoys the challenge of visual communication and has been designing for over 15 years. Here at Envision, Catie has a knack for quality and just knowing the best visual approach.

Efficiency and kindness are her main game. Catie studied graphic design at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She is very active in her church, serving on many committees and helping with numerous events.

She enjoys cooking, running, hiking, nature, photography and time with her family. She lives in Windsor, Colorado with her husband, Mark and three girls.


Andrea Price, Writer

Andrea helps Envision’s clients gain brand exposure, grab attention, and boost sales. She keeps a keen focus on your audience and targets them with compelling content, irresistible offers, and catchy taglines. She has nearly a decade of copywriting experience and two English degrees to boot—a bachelor’s in English from the University of Minnesota and a master’s in creative writing from the University of Cincinnati.

When Andrea’s not brainstorming your next campaign, you might find her whitewater kayaking in North Carolina or sampling street food in South America. Hailing from Stillwater, Minnesota, she currently lives in sunny Memphis, Tennessee, with her left-brained husband, Keith.


Ahmelie Skistad, Bookkeeping

Ahmelie is a CFO and QuickBooks ProAdvisor and holds a degree in Business Management & Accounting. She brings her number crunching prowess to Envision, along with a strong passion for leveraging technology to maximize efficiency. If it involves payroll, financial statements or reconciling, you will find Ahmelie happily buzzing away at it with a bottomless cup of coffee in hand. It’s not unusual to find her trying out one new app or another on a constant quest to squeeze just a few more minutes of productivity out of each day.

Ahmelie owns Skistad Consulting, an accounting practice that focuses on serving small businesses. When not “balancing the books”, Ahmelie enjoys investing her time at Hillside Church in Mankato, feeding a fabric addiction in her other small sewing and design business, and making sure her husband, Jeff,  doesn’t run out of projects at their West Lake Jefferson home. They love living in MN with their 3 boys and are avid Vikings fans. Skol!