MDNA Institute

Project Scope

Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Web Development, Social Media


MDNA Institute is a social leadership and business think-tank. It was founded by Ed Kang (now the digital brand strategist for Envision). Envision's talent ecosystem is used to maintain MDNA's online presence and digital marketing. Envision also provides creative direction and user experience consulting for MDNA Cloud which is an online employee engagement and analytics platform based upon MDNA.

Ed Kang executes a content marketing strategy weekly. This content is integrated into social media channels to reach the right audience. An entire content marketing funnel is in place to attract new users while maintaining relationships with current users. This strategy is unique in that it employs an official website and a personal blog for Ed Kang to establish a two-pronged digital footprint. The two create synergies for the different audience segments.


The content marketing strategy attracts between 30-60 users per week. This is a B2C approach that generates regular leads for B2B clients of the MDNA Cloud software. Because of this approach, MDNA is now used by a network of thought leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries from management consulting to leadership development, human resources, entertainment, brand strategy, and non-profit. This audience is global.

MDNA Institute Website

"Liz and her creative direction were instrumental in establishing the online presence that MDNA enjoys today. I remember when Liz was done with her magic, my directors, in a moment of awe, said, "Liz knows what she is doing." (They were basically implying, "You need to follow her lead, Ed.") I've never questioned Liz's creative direction since then. Envision has the right talent to bring the whole package together. I can't tell you how nice it is to just focus on content organization and let the leads come to us." — Ed Kang, Creator of MDNA


Liz Zurek Beaudry