Brand Culture

Build your culture.
grow your brand.

Transform your entire organization with a well-developed culture and a brand that's aligned to this culture. Get customers to love your brand and your employees to live it. Using MDNA Cloud, we measure your organization's culture, develop a Brand Culture strategy, execute based on goals, and ultimately measure the results.


Winner of over 40 industry awards, Envision has long been recognized for it's strategic approach and creative work in brand strategy and marketing communications across North America. Now, we're offering a complete service area that focuses on building your brand by building your internal culture. 

Good things happen when there's alignment between your external brand and internal culture. We develop strategies for that alignment.


MDNA Cloud Assessment

Includes two-part assessment that measures:

  • Five dimensions of employee engagement
  • Six dimensions of culture 

Brand Culture Strategy

Based on the results from the MDNA Cloud assessment, we identify your company's Core Brand Culture (or brand "ethos"). We then create a strategy that aligns to business goals and ultimately sets the stage for lasting transformation. In this stage we identify: 

  • Your Brand Ethos (and how your culture is motivated)
  • Positioning and Differentiation
  • Messaging (for internal and external audiences)
  • Recruiting, Retention and Recognition (for culture and brand building)


All execution aligns to the Brand Culture Strategy including:

  • Employer Brand Design and Development
  • Digital Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Events and Experiences
  • Workplace Strategies